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Welcome to the livejournal community dedicated to the many fans of courtney love. for those of you who don't know, courtney love is considered one of the most extrodinaire as rockstars come [and the most controversial, as well].Free Courtney Today!she's been called everything from the modern stevie nicks, to the alternative madonna, and has single handedly destroyed the typical stereotype of female rockers, opening the doors to a whole new generation of women interested in music. plus, she's a fucking goddess.

though this community was intended for the more recent news/pictures of miss clove, feel free to post about her 'live through this' or 'pretty on the inside' era as well. afterall, courtney love is courtney love--no matter how many evolutions she goes through. negative and positive opinions are welcomed, as long as they're plausible.

so if you're a nu waver, sticking around for the more recent news about courtney [american's sweetheart and celebrity skin fanciers] or just old schoolers who want to follow her through everything [live through this and pretty on the inside dwellers] then in mono is purr-fect for you. feel free to post pictures, information, anything you want; reguarding miss love, of course.
and, please, no 'kurt didn't do it' drama.

"cheapness and trash, jealousy and fame, beauty and decay--themes that courtney always return to; things that configure her life.."

p.s, Courtney (allegedly) sees a psychiatrist once a week; the community doesn't need your "YOU'RE OUT OF CONTROL GET HELP SOON"s. Thank you.